POP OS Shortcuts 2021

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Direction keys

Directional actions can use either the standard arrow keys or their Vim equivalents:

Key Description
, , , Direction keys (arrow keys)
H, J, K, L Direction keys (Vim shortcuts)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Move, resize, and swap windows

Shortcut Action
+ Direction keys Switch focus between windows
+ Enter Enter window adjustment mode
Direction keys Move window (while in adjustment mode)
Shift + Direction keys Resize window (while in adjustment mode)
Ctrl + Direction keys Swap windows (while in adjustment mode)
Enter Apply changes (exit adjustment mode)
ESC Cancel (exit adjustment mode)
+ Left click + Drag Move window (without adjustment mode)
+ Right cick + Drag Resize window (without adjustment mode)

Manipulate windows

Shortcut Action
+ S Toggle stacking
+ O Change window orientation (while stacking)
+ G Float/unfloat window (while stacking)
+ M Maximize/unmaximize window
+ Ctrl + / Snap window to left/right side of display
+ Q Close window

Manage workspaces and displays

Shortcut Action
+ Ctrl + / Navigate between workspaces
+ Home/End Navigate to first/last workspace
+ Shift + Direction keys Move active window between workspaces/displays
+ ESC Lock the screen

Use the launcher

The launcher allows searching through open windows and installed applications, and also has the additional functions listed below.

Shortcut/command Action
+ / Activate the launcher
d: Browse and search recent files
/ or ~ Browse the filesystem
t: Execute a command in a terminal
: Execute a command in sh
= Calculate an equation

Switch between apps and windows

Shortcut Action
+ Tab Switch apps
+ Tab + Shift Switch apps in reverse order
+ ` Switch windows of current app
+ ` + Shift Switch windows of current app in reverse order

Miscellaneous OS shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Toggle Activities overview
+ A Toggle applications menu
+ V Toggle notifications menu
+ T Open a terminal
+ F Open Files
+ P Cycle display layout
+ Space Cycle between configured input sources (languages)
Alt + F2 Run command
Ctrl + Alt + Del Log out

Accessibility shortcuts

Shortcut Action
+ Alt + S Toggle screen reader
+ Alt + 8 Toggle magnifier
+ Alt + +/- Zoom in/out (when magnifier is enabled)